South Bay Galleria Mall

2nd Floor - VR Arena

1815 Hawthorne Blvd
Redondo Beach, California 90278

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Redondo Beach Virtual Reality Escape Room 

Experience the latest in virtual reality technology in the Jack The Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room at South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach. The multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) experience from HollowZone Immersive places you and up to three friends inside one of history’s greatest mysteries.
You and your friends will be transported to London to uncover clues to unlock the secrets of The Wax House throughout the over 30 minute VR experience . Roam freely through 3,000 square feet of virtual space exploring the old abandoned wax museum to try and finally solve the century old question of who was Jack The Ripper. Don't miss out on Los Angeles' newest and most technologically advanced escape room experience.

Jack The Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room

Try to solve one of history's greatest mysteries in the Jack The Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room.

Travel back in time to "The Autumn of Terror" 1888, a time when Jack The Ripper roamed the streets striking fear in the heart of London.

Before suiting up in VR headsets, guests first enter an old dark London alleyway where they are recruited by a Scotland Yard detective. During the pre-show, media based effects combined with physical props tell the backstory of Jack The Ripper and the mysterious Wax House. 


Once inside the 25+ minute VR experience, your group must work together to find clues to answer  the same question that has been on the minds of many for over a century: “Who was Jack the Ripper?” 

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Jack The Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room